You, you reading this on your screen. I know you have gone through a lot in your life. But I want you to keep pushing on. There is so much to live for in your life. I know that things are hard right now, and that you might be tired.

Yet life is like a glow-stick:
Sometimes you need to snap before you can shine.

So, I want you to keep going, to keep being that amazing person you are.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are wrong for being different, or being a little crazier than others. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t normal, because no one’s normal. The world is full of creativity and you have become one of the main center pieces. So, smile on. Keep pushing towards the light.  Just remember, there is always someone there. You may not notice them all the time, but there is always someone out there looking out for you.

Wir warten auf Dich! Willkommen in Deiner Wahl-Familie, den Evoulutionshelden!